Your Social Media Persona Is a Lie

How many times have you sat around looking at social media, feeling down about the life you live? Asking yourself questions like, “why is my life so boring?” Or “why don’t I get invited to parties like this?”

Well I think it’s time we addressed the reality. If you have ever been out to one of these “amazing” events, you see what they are truly like. You look around you and all it is is people turning up for 10 seconds on the Snapchat then going right back to being on their phones. They are doing it ALL for the social media presence, but we don’t see that from the outside. All we see are those 10 seconds from our Snapchat or Instagram, and since we are not there, it makes it look so damn awesome. 

Think about it though, when was there ever a moment that you have truly been having the time of your life and you thought about pulling out your phone and recording it? If you have ever pulled out your phone in one of these situations, then you know it takes you out of the moment. You are no longer taking in all of the beauty around you, instead, you are worried about having a steady camera and getting the best photo for social media. Completely removing you from the moment. And that is all these parties are! No one is truly in the moment. Know for a fact that if you see the party on video or a photo of it, it can’t be that amazing. It’s so subpar that people have the thought to take out their phones and spend some time and energy recording a video. 

This whole social media thing is a lie. I’ve been blessed to go to over 25 major cities in the last year and I have so few photos to show for it. Looking  back at it, I was sort of bummed I didn’t take more, but then I think back and realize why I didn’t. I refused to leave the moment. I wanted to be so present that nothing could take me away from it, and those are the times I think back on best. When I was truly there. Just being one with that moment. No more than a photo or two, then phones away. 

So next time you see some amazing party or event on social media and start feeling shitty, just remember, those party goers had enough free time and energy that they thought to pull out their phones and flex for a minute. How truly amazing do you think that party truly is?

Now go out and live. Don’t worry about what the next person is doing, and do what makes you happy. Not for the camera. Not for your friends. And sure as hell, not for your social media following. 

I hope y’all enjoyed this read, and feel free to reach out with any comments or questions! I’d love to hear from y’all!!




Listen and Life Will Guide You

One thing I think we all struggle with is being in the moment, and when we aren’t in the moment, we have the potential to miss what life is trying to tell us. 

I’m not a huge fan of advice for this exact reason. Everyone’s situations are so damn unique, and everyone else just speaks from their past experience, which is not the exact same in any form or fashion. If you listen enough, life will give you all of the answers you need. Now granted, this is way easier said than done, but I truly think we are on the earth to be present and grow. We should aim to be better today than we were yesterday, but that requires letting go of a lot of ego. 

Day in and day out, we have constant room for improvement. From managing anger to ridding ourselves of unhealthy vices and being the most open and loving individuals we possibly can. When you are asking yourselves these questions and evaluating all of your interactions and thoughts, you are truly in the moment. And being in the moment allows you to clearly see the signs life is sending you. 

While this sounds good, it’s not always that easy. You will deal with a lot of people throughout the day that aren’t truly evaluating their thoughts and actions and this makes it that much harder for you to have a pleasant interaction, especially once you start really being cognizant of your actions. But you must not let them determine your emotions or feelings. You must have a set of morals to stand on. Otherwise you’ll get riled up at every unpleasant encounter and your growth will be halted. You will lose contact with what the world is trying to teach you in that moment. Rather than reacting negatively to someone, try and spread some love. Instead of being defensive, try and understand and hear them out. That’s what it comes down to most times. People feel like they aren’t being heard or valued, and we all have felt that way one time or another, and it’s a terrible feeling. If you keep that feeling in mind, it really dictates all of your interactions. And referencing back to my other post “Stop Taking Things So Personal,” it then becomes evident that these daily hostile interactions aren’t as much about you as they are about what that person is going through, and as you think about that at the time, you are truly in the moment. You are growing, listening, and loving then and there. 

Just keep in mind, that truly being in the moment will allow you to see where life is trying to guide you and answer all of your questions. But that can’t happen if we are constantly getting blinded by anger, stress, and fear. Spread love, and the world will reciprocate it. Every interaction you have gives you the opportunity to grow and become that much more in tune with your life. 

So I challenge you, be in the moment and listen to what life is trying to tell you. There will be answers everywhere, as long as you’re open to it with a clear mind, body, and soul. 

I hope y’all found this read at least thought provoking, and if you have any questions or comments, I’d love to hear from you below!