Stop Entertaining Gossip and Negativity

When was the last time you had a conversation where there was no gossip involved?

Really…think about it. 

So much of our damn conversations revolve around gossip, negativity, or complaining, yet we wonder why we are chronically down?

I stopped entertaining negative conversation at the top of the year, and let me tell you, some conversations get super awkward when you done entertain the negativity, but it sends such a strong message. 

I’m not even saying you have to say, “I’m done entertaining negative conversation.” Honestly, just stay silent and the message is received immediately. They’ll think it’s weird, but they won’t say anything. Then 5 minutes will pass and they’ll try to gossip again, and then it will hit them, and they’ll feel uncomfortable for gossiping. But it creates this internal dialogue of them gossiping and it results in some self reflection. Now does that mean they’ll hangout with you again? Not necessarily haha, but it eliminates that negativity. People bond over negativity and it’s extremely toxic. 

With all of this new found energy, you can truly pursue something you love, or even find awesome friends that encourage you, rather than constantly gossip. And you better believe, if they will gossip to you, they sure as hell will gossip about you!