Your Social Media Persona Is a Lie

How many times have you sat around looking at social media, feeling down about the life you live? Asking yourself questions like, “why is my life so boring?” Or “why don’t I get invited to parties like this?”

Well I think it’s time we addressed the reality. If you have ever been out to one of these “amazing” events, you see what they are truly like. You look around you and all it is is people turning up for 10 seconds on the Snapchat then going right back to being on their phones. They are doing it ALL for the social media presence, but we don’t see that from the outside. All we see are those 10 seconds from our Snapchat or Instagram, and since we are not there, it makes it look so damn awesome. 

Think about it though, when was there ever a moment that you have truly been having the time of your life and you thought about pulling out your phone and recording it? If you have ever pulled out your phone in one of these situations, then you know it takes you out of the moment. You are no longer taking in all of the beauty around you, instead, you are worried about having a steady camera and getting the best photo for social media. Completely removing you from the moment. And that is all these parties are! No one is truly in the moment. Know for a fact that if you see the party on video or a photo of it, it can’t be that amazing. It’s so subpar that people have the thought to take out their phones and spend some time and energy recording a video. 

This whole social media thing is a lie. I’ve been blessed to go to over 25 major cities in the last year and I have so few photos to show for it. Looking  back at it, I was sort of bummed I didn’t take more, but then I think back and realize why I didn’t. I refused to leave the moment. I wanted to be so present that nothing could take me away from it, and those are the times I think back on best. When I was truly there. Just being one with that moment. No more than a photo or two, then phones away. 

So next time you see some amazing party or event on social media and start feeling shitty, just remember, those party goers had enough free time and energy that they thought to pull out their phones and flex for a minute. How truly amazing do you think that party truly is?

Now go out and live. Don’t worry about what the next person is doing, and do what makes you happy. Not for the camera. Not for your friends. And sure as hell, not for your social media following. 

I hope y’all enjoyed this read, and feel free to reach out with any comments or questions! I’d love to hear from y’all!!




We Are Overrun With Fear

What stops us from pursuing every goal and dream we have ever had? Why haven’t we accomplished everything we have put our mind to? Is it because we are incapable?  Do we not have the resources? What is it?

I think many of us wouldn’t even be able to answer that question because we never get far enough to find out. 

Fear haults us from even pursuing something because it seems too scary or all around impossible. But how the hell do we know that? We have no idea what we are capable of. Many of us allow fear to limit our lives in every facet. Want a new job? Too scared we aren’t good enough to get it. Want to start a business? What if we fail? Want to hangout with some buddies? Too scared they may not even want to hangout with us. 

We MUST start to face these fears head on. At some point, you have to look yourself in the mirror and accept that failure is a serious possibility. But it’s never truly a failure if you tried. As long as you got out, tried, got knocked down, and picked yourself back up, you are successful. By even trying, you overcome so damn much. You allowed your self to try, and that’s a fuckig victory. If you continue to at least “try,” you will be mind blown at where life takes you. You may get denied and knocked down 1000 times, but each little victory you have will be so damn glorious! 

You have to trust me, and better yet, trust yourself! You are capable, and you deserve everything the world has to offer you, as long as you keep facing your fears and trying. 

Life rewards the hell out of those who step out of their comfort zone and really push their limits. You will truly reap the fruits of your labor, and they will never taste so sweet…

Nothing is ever as bad as the fear of it happening is. In our heads, we play out these terrible scenarios of failure, but when they truly happen, you just pick yourself up and keep on pushing! Life is all about getting your ass kicked and swinging back with a smile on your face. 

Now go out there and get knocked down. Learn some shit about the world, and better yet, yourself. See what you are made of…I bet it’s a lot more than you would have ever imagined. 

I hope y’all enjoyed this post, and I hope it gave you a little look into the psychology of fear and how much we truly hinder ourselves. Feel free to comment or leave any questions below. I’d love to hear from yall!



Dare to Build Something

Over this last year, I’ve been blessed to do a whole bunch of contracted promotional work all over the country. From coast to coast, and even spending weeks in Texas, and one thing I notice EVERYWHERE I go is that people are miserable at their jobs. They do it to either for the “benefits” or they just “need the money.” IMG_8851

My question to them is always, when does that cycle stop? Will you ever really feel like you have enough money? In my experience, we are never financially comfortable. The way money works, we will always want whats next, and want more. We could make 7 figures, but our yacht club friends will still have more money than us, and this will create just as more stress as we feel now!

It is so damn important to realize that life is more important than money. I’ve been so broke that I can’t eat for 24 hours, and I’ve had enough money that I can buy all sorts of awesome shit I never dreamed of having. My point in saying this is, I know what it’s like to be on both sides, and believe when I say this…it is all about a balance. Having not a dollar to your name is such a horrible fucking feeling, but when you get some food, it is the most amazing food you’ve ever eaten. But having money also offers you the luxury of not wondering where your next meal or bed will come from, and that is unbelievably comforting. DSC_1486

The key is to treat every dollar like it’s your only dollar, while knowing what you’re worth and not settling for some bullshit job that offers “benefits” and “security.” Because the one thing I’ve learned is really no such thing as security. I know people that have given 20 years of their life to a job only to be laid off without any financial assistance, essentially leaving them out to dry. You must care for yourself and know what you’re worth. Do not settle and play this fear game that is pushed on us. The only person who can create security is YOU.


Chase what you love…build something. Create something that is yours. Create a business for your family to eat off of for generations to come. Money invested in yourself will be the best money you’ve ever spent. You are capable. You can do this. All it takes is sitting down and really cranking out the work and challenging yourself.

Get uncomfortable! Step outside of your comfort zone. You’ll never be the same…

Until next time!