Stop Entertaining Gossip and Negativity

When was the last time you had a conversation where there was no gossip involved?

Really…think about it. 

So much of our damn conversations revolve around gossip, negativity, or complaining, yet we wonder why we are chronically down?

I stopped entertaining negative conversation at the top of the year, and let me tell you, some conversations get super awkward when you done entertain the negativity, but it sends such a strong message. 

I’m not even saying you have to say, “I’m done entertaining negative conversation.” Honestly, just stay silent and the message is received immediately. They’ll think it’s weird, but they won’t say anything. Then 5 minutes will pass and they’ll try to gossip again, and then it will hit them, and they’ll feel uncomfortable for gossiping. But it creates this internal dialogue of them gossiping and it results in some self reflection. Now does that mean they’ll hangout with you again? Not necessarily haha, but it eliminates that negativity. People bond over negativity and it’s extremely toxic. 

With all of this new found energy, you can truly pursue something you love, or even find awesome friends that encourage you, rather than constantly gossip. And you better believe, if they will gossip to you, they sure as hell will gossip about you! 


Can Alcohol Cause Depression?

I started casually drinking when I was a junior in high school and partied my ass off until I was about a junior in college. Throughout all of this time, I was battling depression. I wasn’t running from it with booze by any stretch. I actually refused to drink when I felt down, so that it didn’t become a vice. But as I decided to really start to battle this depression, I started doing everything in my power to find the root of it. And this is when I drew the correlation between my alcohol use and depression.

 I only started feeling down and depressed as a junior in high school and that’s the same year I started drinking…Somethings adding up. Now that seemed way too easy to me so I wasn’t convinced right away. But as I cut back on my drinking, I would wake up feeling like a had a bit more energy. I didn’t have to work so hard to get up and going emotionally. Get this! Some mornings I even woke up, dare I say it, happy…it was a whole different world. And then when I would drink again, I would wake up feeling like I was emotionally on the sadder, depressed end of the spectrum.

I then got to thinking, “I see this direct correlation in myself, but has anyone else investigated this?” And sure enough… , and this is just one of an abundance of sources…

The more I read about it, the more I realized how real “substance induced depression” is…all my feelings steered me right. It only makes sense though. If we are using a depressant, our body’s natural functions will be “depressed,” our mood included. 

So I encourage you, before turning to any pills or outside sources, unless truly needed, (which if so, I fully support you!) see what you can change in your life. What are your vices and what are they doing to your body?? It makes zero sense to try digging yourself out of a whole in which you are just throwing more dirt…

But believe me when I say this, your life can change. Things can truly get better, as long as you are willing to take these challenges head on and say no to your vices! Try subbing in more healthy vices that you feel good about when you’re done. Personally, I’m a big smoothie fan. When you are going through something and need to clear your mind, go either grab a smoothie and take a walk, or even make yourself one and take a walk. 

Also, watch the foods you eat! There are a bunch of fruits, veggies, nuts, etc. that will push your body in the direction of happiness and healthy hormone releases! Shouts out to blueberries! 

If y’all have questions, concerns, or even just want to talk. Comment below! I would be more than happy to talk to you! 

I hope y’all enjoyed this post, and let me know if there is anything else y’all would like me to write about!

Things can always get better, believe me!!

I love you!