Is There Such Thing As Failure?

What is failure? Is it a poor grade on a test? A relationship that is no more? How about a job that let you go?

We as a society have such a toxic view of what are successes and what are failures. When we make a mistake, we automatically view it as a failure, which causes us to look right over all that could have been learned there. If there is a mistake made, that means something wasn’t done right. If something wasn’t done right, it means we have room to grow. Yet, while just accepting a mistake as a “failure,” we disregard the lesson that came with that mistake. For example, when I was driving to St. Louis from Chicago the other day, I was merging to the right lane from the left lane, but little did I know, there was a car passing by me on the right side in my blind spot. We were so close to being in an accident, and thankfully, we were not, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t make a mistake. I should have looked in all of my mirrors and then in my back right blind spot before merging. Fortunately, I didn’t have to be in an accident to learn this lesson, but I did have to make a mistake! Without making this mistake, I wouldn’t have learned that lesson in the harsh way I did. But the only reason this lesson was able to resonate with me is because I didn’t beat myself up over making a mistake. Rather, I evaluated the situation and realized what I did wrong. 

But let’s address the reality here. Acknowledging that we made a mistake isn’t the easiest thing in the world, but it is extremely important. Without acknowledging these mistakes, we will continue to make them, and the repercussions will just get more and more severe. It is the world’s way of speaking to you. 

Now next time you are beating yourself up over a mistake, take a step back and see what can be learned from it. We are humans. We make mistakes, and that’s okay! Just as long as you learn from them. We are on this earth to grow and become better versions of ourselves. Never forget that. 

If you all have any questions, stories, or comments you’d like to share, I would love to hear from y’all! I hope this read took a bit of the weight off your shoulders and allowed you to breathe a little easier and sleep a little better!




Write Down Your Goals

It is weird how real things get when we make them tangible. It is one thing to think up ideas and discuss what must be done to make them a reality, but it’s a whole new ball game when you see them written on a goal list. 

When you see your goals written in your handwriting day in and day out, it eats at you. You see them and you think. You analyze. You start thinking tangibly. You see yourself accomplishing those goals. They truly start to manifest themselves. They’re so close you can fucking taste them. 

When you put that energy out in the world, it sends it back. When the world senses that determination, it begins to part and show you your path. That doesn’t mean you won’t have to chop down some brush along the way, and then take a blind leap of faith, but the world offers you a cloud upon which you land. Everything slows down and you start thinking at that rate. That discomfort starts to feel a little more doable. Now when you look into the eyes of discomfort, you put your head down and charge forward. And the world sees this. The world feels this. Those around you feel this. Your goals know they’re in your sights. You’re onto them. 

But only because you wrote them down and allowed them to sail out into the world. 



Stop Doing the Easy Work

We all have dreams and ambitions, and we all want to feel like we are working towards those. Yet, there comes a time when we really need to evaluate the steps we are taking towards these dreams. We can literally work towards these goals everyday, but never get anywhere. And I know I’m not the only one who has felt like this. Why is it that we can constantly work, yet make no real progress?

It is because we do the easy stuff. We tackle the easy little goals that are literally jus  there to make us feel like we are being productive. If you find yourself skating through a task, 9 times out of 10, it’s too easy and not actual beneficial. If there is a task at hand that is driving you fucking insane, and really forcing you to think, that’s when you are really asking yourself the ugly questions that result in progress. 

Now don’t get me wrong, they’re miserable, but when you find out the answer to them, you’ll know so much more about your task at hand. 

For example, when it comes to business, asking yourself the financial questions and getting all of your expenditures perfect is one of the most beneficial things you can do for a business, but it is also some of the most brutal work. 

We must ask ourselves these ugly questions in any aspect of life if we truly want to grow and progress. Next time you are feeling stagnant, take a step back and this about what you could possibly be doing to progress. The things that scare you and make you uncomfortable are where you should focus. And believe me…you will start to see serious progress. 

Now let’s go out and get uncomfortable!

…maybe not the most motivational thing I’ve ever said, but you get what I’m saying haha

I hope y’all enjoyed this read, and it allows you to truly pursue something worth while!



You Can Do Anything You Put You Mind To, On One Condition

You know what the weirdest thing to me is? The separation on the stance ” you can do anything you put your mind to.” You hear some parents tell their children that, you hear other parents tell their children to be “realistic.” Which one is really true? I had t really thought about this until one of my college professors took an extremely strong stance on the side of “you are born to be something. It is not really up to you. You are born with a set of skills and you must utilize that set of skills.” Now this is really when I got thinking. Is it that black and white? Or is there more to it? 

That was four years ago, and I have had some time to really evaluate where I stand on it. And in all honesty, you can literally accomplish just about anything that you put your mind to, but not without the upmost hard work and devotion. And believe me, it will come more natural to some than it will others, but that makes it that much more rewarding when you accomplish it. 

I actually dealt with this exact scenario myself. I’ve never been good at drawing or even looked at artistically, but I decided I wanted to do graphic design. So I set out on a voyage. Every day for 2 years, in between classes, I would head to my university’s library and start watching YouTube tutorials for programs like Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illuatrator. I had taken one class in high school but that was about the extent of my graphic design knowledge. So for my junior year of school, I started creating hypothetical businesses and creating marketing and promotional pieces for them. This allowed me to put myself in real world situations and come up with something tangible people could actually see. After a serious 4 month learning curve of doing this hypothetical businesses, I finally started to see true progression. I started to actually understand design and become confident in what I brought to the table. 

Come Junior year summer, I set out to find a graphic design internship, and ended up landing one at an electric company, which I would definitely recommend! Especially if it’s just for a summer, because the more change and variation you have, the more you will learn and grow! 

So I complete my internship and go to school for my senior year and continue my hypothetical businesses and start actually doing work for people, through referrals, reaching out on social media, and just having conversations with classmates. This allowed me to actually have graphic design discussions and get a feel for what it was like to work with a client. 

I finally graduated and moved up to Chicago from St Louis to start doing freelance design work. I made a decision that I would at least have a discussion with any potential client, no matter what the opportunity was. This landed me in 2 amazing opportunities…my first opportunity was to be a design coach at chicago’s startup weekend, where a bunch of entrepreneurial minded individuals come together and created a hypothetical business and minimal viable product in a weekend. My job was to coach these individuals on the design of their product and business, and through this startup weekend, I got the opportunity to make some marketing pieces for a big company…

The work was challenging as all hell, and working with big client was unlike anything I had ever done, but I thrived off of the pressure. When it was all said and done, a marketing piece I made ended up on the side of a building in downtown Chicago…

This was so surreal…it was the moment I truly realized you could accomplish anything with the right devotion and drive…you just have to keep laying the groundwork and believe in yourself. Who knows where life will take you…

Keep grinding and do not become discouraged. What separates the successful from the unsuccessful are those who give up when things get tough. You’ve got to be tough on yourself, and work smart, not hard. But that’s for another blog post! 

I hope y’all enjoyed reading this, and if you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them below! 

Now go out and get it!!