What If You Die Young? But What If You Don’t?

We have no idea what will happen tomorrow, none the less, 5 minutes from now. We are taught to plan for our future and, essentially, live risk-less, but will that truly pay off emotionally?

I’ve seen numerous individuals pass away without living a fulfilled life, and that’s fucked up. I refuse to ever be on my death bed and regret a damn thing in life. Instead, I’m going to live every moment as if I don’t know what tomorrow holds. I’m going to make every decision based off of my happiness, and if I’m truly happy, I believe it will then benefit those around me. No one benefits from being scared and hesitant. We will always be afraid of the unknown, but that’s where change comes from. I’ve never seen someone grow from being comfortable. 

But now, what if you live to see 100? Will you have planned enough to be able to handle life that long? That’s truly where the balance is struck. You must live constantly asking yourself the question, “what if you die young? But what if you don’t?” We must tip toe this fine balance of living for the moment, but preparing a fruitful, long future. As long as we keep that in mind, when our time comes to leave this Earth, we will be able to look back and truly regret nothing. 

So what are you going to change today? Would you truly be content with where your life is at if you died tomorrow? Or would you be filled with regret?

It’s up to you! Now go pursue that truly fulfilling life you dream of!

And if y’all have any questions, comments, or even want to discuss your dreams, leave a comment below! I’d love to hear from you!




Be Someone You Would Admire

I think we all have someone we interact with that never ceases to amaze us. Whether it be how loving they are, or even how determined. Something about them changes our day, and what we don’t realize is that we are that person to someone else…

When we don’t realize our power or potential, we don’t hold ourself to the standard that we should. We fail to realize that we aren’t only letting ourselves down, but those around us. We truly have the opportunity to inspire. Every one of our actions can change the life of someone who we don’t even know is watching, for the better or worse. It it is up to us decide.

Once we start thinking about our actions in this manner, we realize it is bigger than us. Then before you know it, we start to become someone that we would admire…

Today is a short post, but I think this idea carries so much weight that I don’t want to oversaturate it. 

But Just remember, you truly inspire. Your actions are watched and your words are heard. Use them to spread love. 



Shut Up and Start Doing

How many times have you found yourself telling your friends about what you wanted to do in the future? How about your significant other?

Why do you think we constantly talk about what we are going to do? Has anything good ever really come from talking about something? I don’t think so…

I used to do this all the damn time. I would get super excited about these ideas and I would tell everyone about them. But it eventually got to a point where I looked in the mirror and asked myself a couple questions: 

  1. Why do you need to tell everyone about these ideas?
  2. Have you actually laid any groundwork to make this happen?
  3. What must I truly do to make these dreams a reality?

So I ask myself these questions, and things began to make sense. I tell everyone about these because I was doubting my own abilities and needed reassurance. Acknowledging this allowed me to see the subconscious self doubt taking place, and caused me to analyze myself and become truly confident. I started then thinking about if I had done any true work to get closer to this dream, and the reality was I had not. I had done little shit, but it was merely to feel productive. Not to truly progress towards my dream. Finally, I asked myself what the hell I had to do to really pursue these dreams, and i realized that I had to really start doing the scary stuff. The things that you get scared thinking about. The things that make you question if you are truly capable. The sort of stuff that will have you learning stuff about yourself you never knew. Yeah…that sort of stuff. 

It was when I established this mindset was a necessity to succeed that I started to see true growth. I started asking myself the ugly questions, and started getting well deserved, beautiful results. 

We must take the ugly stuff head on. We must do what others are too scared to do. And when we do that is when we start to separate ourselves from the crowd. 

Let your work speak for you. Lay that groundwork and it will speak for you. 

Now shut up and start doing…you deserve it.


We Are Overrun With Fear

What stops us from pursuing every goal and dream we have ever had? Why haven’t we accomplished everything we have put our mind to? Is it because we are incapable?  Do we not have the resources? What is it?

I think many of us wouldn’t even be able to answer that question because we never get far enough to find out. 

Fear haults us from even pursuing something because it seems too scary or all around impossible. But how the hell do we know that? We have no idea what we are capable of. Many of us allow fear to limit our lives in every facet. Want a new job? Too scared we aren’t good enough to get it. Want to start a business? What if we fail? Want to hangout with some buddies? Too scared they may not even want to hangout with us. 

We MUST start to face these fears head on. At some point, you have to look yourself in the mirror and accept that failure is a serious possibility. But it’s never truly a failure if you tried. As long as you got out, tried, got knocked down, and picked yourself back up, you are successful. By even trying, you overcome so damn much. You allowed your self to try, and that’s a fuckig victory. If you continue to at least “try,” you will be mind blown at where life takes you. You may get denied and knocked down 1000 times, but each little victory you have will be so damn glorious! 

You have to trust me, and better yet, trust yourself! You are capable, and you deserve everything the world has to offer you, as long as you keep facing your fears and trying. 

Life rewards the hell out of those who step out of their comfort zone and really push their limits. You will truly reap the fruits of your labor, and they will never taste so sweet…

Nothing is ever as bad as the fear of it happening is. In our heads, we play out these terrible scenarios of failure, but when they truly happen, you just pick yourself up and keep on pushing! Life is all about getting your ass kicked and swinging back with a smile on your face. 

Now go out there and get knocked down. Learn some shit about the world, and better yet, yourself. See what you are made of…I bet it’s a lot more than you would have ever imagined. 

I hope y’all enjoyed this post, and I hope it gave you a little look into the psychology of fear and how much we truly hinder ourselves. Feel free to comment or leave any questions below. I’d love to hear from yall!



Can Alcohol Cause Depression?

I started casually drinking when I was a junior in high school and partied my ass off until I was about a junior in college. Throughout all of this time, I was battling depression. I wasn’t running from it with booze by any stretch. I actually refused to drink when I felt down, so that it didn’t become a vice. But as I decided to really start to battle this depression, I started doing everything in my power to find the root of it. And this is when I drew the correlation between my alcohol use and depression.

 I only started feeling down and depressed as a junior in high school and that’s the same year I started drinking…Somethings adding up. Now that seemed way too easy to me so I wasn’t convinced right away. But as I cut back on my drinking, I would wake up feeling like a had a bit more energy. I didn’t have to work so hard to get up and going emotionally. Get this! Some mornings I even woke up, dare I say it, happy…it was a whole different world. And then when I would drink again, I would wake up feeling like I was emotionally on the sadder, depressed end of the spectrum.

I then got to thinking, “I see this direct correlation in myself, but has anyone else investigated this?” And sure enough…http://www.jsad.com/doi/abs/10.15288/jsa.2006.67.837 , and this is just one of an abundance of sources…

The more I read about it, the more I realized how real “substance induced depression” is…all my feelings steered me right. It only makes sense though. If we are using a depressant, our body’s natural functions will be “depressed,” our mood included. 

So I encourage you, before turning to any pills or outside sources, unless truly needed, (which if so, I fully support you!) see what you can change in your life. What are your vices and what are they doing to your body?? It makes zero sense to try digging yourself out of a whole in which you are just throwing more dirt…

But believe me when I say this, your life can change. Things can truly get better, as long as you are willing to take these challenges head on and say no to your vices! Try subbing in more healthy vices that you feel good about when you’re done. Personally, I’m a big smoothie fan. When you are going through something and need to clear your mind, go either grab a smoothie and take a walk, or even make yourself one and take a walk. 

Also, watch the foods you eat! There are a bunch of fruits, veggies, nuts, etc. that will push your body in the direction of happiness and healthy hormone releases! Shouts out to blueberries! 

If y’all have questions, concerns, or even just want to talk. Comment below! I would be more than happy to talk to you! 

I hope y’all enjoyed this post, and let me know if there is anything else y’all would like me to write about!

Things can always get better, believe me!!

I love you!


Listen and Life Will Guide You

One thing I think we all struggle with is being in the moment, and when we aren’t in the moment, we have the potential to miss what life is trying to tell us. 

I’m not a huge fan of advice for this exact reason. Everyone’s situations are so damn unique, and everyone else just speaks from their past experience, which is not the exact same in any form or fashion. If you listen enough, life will give you all of the answers you need. Now granted, this is way easier said than done, but I truly think we are on the earth to be present and grow. We should aim to be better today than we were yesterday, but that requires letting go of a lot of ego. 

Day in and day out, we have constant room for improvement. From managing anger to ridding ourselves of unhealthy vices and being the most open and loving individuals we possibly can. When you are asking yourselves these questions and evaluating all of your interactions and thoughts, you are truly in the moment. And being in the moment allows you to clearly see the signs life is sending you. 

While this sounds good, it’s not always that easy. You will deal with a lot of people throughout the day that aren’t truly evaluating their thoughts and actions and this makes it that much harder for you to have a pleasant interaction, especially once you start really being cognizant of your actions. But you must not let them determine your emotions or feelings. You must have a set of morals to stand on. Otherwise you’ll get riled up at every unpleasant encounter and your growth will be halted. You will lose contact with what the world is trying to teach you in that moment. Rather than reacting negatively to someone, try and spread some love. Instead of being defensive, try and understand and hear them out. That’s what it comes down to most times. People feel like they aren’t being heard or valued, and we all have felt that way one time or another, and it’s a terrible feeling. If you keep that feeling in mind, it really dictates all of your interactions. And referencing back to my other post “Stop Taking Things So Personal,” it then becomes evident that these daily hostile interactions aren’t as much about you as they are about what that person is going through, and as you think about that at the time, you are truly in the moment. You are growing, listening, and loving then and there. 

Just keep in mind, that truly being in the moment will allow you to see where life is trying to guide you and answer all of your questions. But that can’t happen if we are constantly getting blinded by anger, stress, and fear. Spread love, and the world will reciprocate it. Every interaction you have gives you the opportunity to grow and become that much more in tune with your life. 

So I challenge you, be in the moment and listen to what life is trying to tell you. There will be answers everywhere, as long as you’re open to it with a clear mind, body, and soul. 

I hope y’all found this read at least thought provoking, and if you have any questions or comments, I’d love to hear from you below!



You Can Do Anything You Put You Mind To, On One Condition

You know what the weirdest thing to me is? The separation on the stance ” you can do anything you put your mind to.” You hear some parents tell their children that, you hear other parents tell their children to be “realistic.” Which one is really true? I had t really thought about this until one of my college professors took an extremely strong stance on the side of “you are born to be something. It is not really up to you. You are born with a set of skills and you must utilize that set of skills.” Now this is really when I got thinking. Is it that black and white? Or is there more to it? 

That was four years ago, and I have had some time to really evaluate where I stand on it. And in all honesty, you can literally accomplish just about anything that you put your mind to, but not without the upmost hard work and devotion. And believe me, it will come more natural to some than it will others, but that makes it that much more rewarding when you accomplish it. 

I actually dealt with this exact scenario myself. I’ve never been good at drawing or even looked at artistically, but I decided I wanted to do graphic design. So I set out on a voyage. Every day for 2 years, in between classes, I would head to my university’s library and start watching YouTube tutorials for programs like Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illuatrator. I had taken one class in high school but that was about the extent of my graphic design knowledge. So for my junior year of school, I started creating hypothetical businesses and creating marketing and promotional pieces for them. This allowed me to put myself in real world situations and come up with something tangible people could actually see. After a serious 4 month learning curve of doing this hypothetical businesses, I finally started to see true progression. I started to actually understand design and become confident in what I brought to the table. 

Come Junior year summer, I set out to find a graphic design internship, and ended up landing one at an electric company, which I would definitely recommend! Especially if it’s just for a summer, because the more change and variation you have, the more you will learn and grow! 

So I complete my internship and go to school for my senior year and continue my hypothetical businesses and start actually doing work for people, through referrals, reaching out on social media, and just having conversations with classmates. This allowed me to actually have graphic design discussions and get a feel for what it was like to work with a client. 

I finally graduated and moved up to Chicago from St Louis to start doing freelance design work. I made a decision that I would at least have a discussion with any potential client, no matter what the opportunity was. This landed me in 2 amazing opportunities…my first opportunity was to be a design coach at chicago’s startup weekend, where a bunch of entrepreneurial minded individuals come together and created a hypothetical business and minimal viable product in a weekend. My job was to coach these individuals on the design of their product and business, and through this startup weekend, I got the opportunity to make some marketing pieces for a big company…

The work was challenging as all hell, and working with big client was unlike anything I had ever done, but I thrived off of the pressure. When it was all said and done, a marketing piece I made ended up on the side of a building in downtown Chicago…

This was so surreal…it was the moment I truly realized you could accomplish anything with the right devotion and drive…you just have to keep laying the groundwork and believe in yourself. Who knows where life will take you…

Keep grinding and do not become discouraged. What separates the successful from the unsuccessful are those who give up when things get tough. You’ve got to be tough on yourself, and work smart, not hard. But that’s for another blog post! 

I hope y’all enjoyed reading this, and if you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them below! 

Now go out and get it!!